I want to bring Donald Trump to Virginia

Are you tired of losing? Well so am I!
Let’s bring Donald Trump to our RPV Convention

Dear Delegate to the RPV State Convention,

My name is Mike Schoelwer. I am Chairman of the Lancaster County Republican Committee and I am running for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). If you are satisfied with our Governor’s “leadership”, a Democrat-run General Assembly gone wild, and the beating that we Republicans took this last November, then read no further. But, if you are tired of Republicans losing elections and fed up with our Democrat State leadership, then I am your candidate for Chairman of the RPV and I ask for your vote at our State Convention. If I were chair, one of my top priorities would be to get President Trump to our Convention.

As RPV Chairman, I want us to re-commit to run good candidates in every possible election, up and down the ballot. To do that, I will re-connect the RPV leadership with our county and city committees – where we register voters, grow new candidates, work the polls, get out the vote, and win elections. I will lead the RPV headquarters in aiding our local committees in training, growing their membership, and developing local candidates. And, I will be accessible to all our units as well as our Congressional District leadership.

Also, I want to completely review how we operate. As a start, I want a group from our State Central Committee to survey all our operations, from our Bylaws (RPV Plan) to our State Central Committee and find ways we can improve. At a minimum, I intend to transition the RPV headquarters from an administrative to an operational organization that supports our local committees.

I have traveled all over the Commonwealth and met with many committee chairs over the past year. Based on that, I know that we can start winning again. But we must modernize the RPV, rebuild that connection between the RPV Chair and the local units, and start competing again in every possible race, up and down the ballot.

It is time to start winning again. The RPV is the one organization that can stand against the mistakes of Democrat Ralph Northam and his fellow Democrats in the General Assembly. The RPV must start functioning again. The stakes in this RPV leadership race are nothing less than that. We are the Virginia wing of the GOP – the Grand Old Party. Virginia needs us to be “Grand” again.

Please visit my Facebook page, using the link below.

Mike Schoelwer
Candidate for RPV Chair

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