The latest on the RPV State Convention – the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Update from Mike on the RPV State Convention – let your voice be heard

Dear Delegates to the RPV State Convention,  

We are in a fight for the future the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) and therefore, a fight for the very future of Virginia. The next RPV Chairman will either right this ship or continue the sinking process. Right now, the RPV is working on the third re-scheduled Convention, so we will finally get to choose a new Chairman. Our State Central Committee will meet on June 27th to decide the date, place, and type of Convention we will hold. Various options are under discussion, including a proposal for voting at ELEVEN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS all over the state, a recipe for unequal and inconsistent procedures for credentials, balloting, counting, security, etc. We need to have a traditional Convention, and it needs to be before August 15th.  

To ensure that we have the Convention we need, please contact your State Central member, GOP committee chair or Congressional District Chair, this week and get them to push for a traditional Convention. When you speak to them, make the following points:  

  1. In-person traditional, assembled Convention in one location by August 15th.
  2. New RPV Chairman must be elected by clear majority vote, with a second ballot if necessary.
  3. All candidates shall be allowed to address the assembled delegates before voting.
  4. Chairman and RPV Counsel should prepare to file suit in Federal court to be ready if Governor Northam attempts to unconstitutionally prevent us from holding our Convention.  

We must have a traditional Convention on or before August 15 to meet our RNC obligations and to focus on our election campaigns by Labor Day. The RPV grassroots are fired up and ready for the fight in November. They want to directly choose our next Chair. With 3 candidates, that can only be done at a traditional Convention with majority voting. And, our next Chair will need that clear mandate of a majority vote if he is to unite the RPV, re-elect our President in November and come out fighting to take back the statehouse in 2021.  

Any gathering would, of course, include appropriate distancing, precautions, and safety measures. We can safely gather as Republicans for something as important as the future of our Party. About 3200 delegates have already pre-filed for a traditional Convention in one place in the Richmond area. We must have backup plans if our Governor stands in our way. But we know that assembled Conventions are possible. The 7th District will hold one with over 5000 delegates near Richmond on July 18; the 6th District will have a smaller traditional assembled Convention in Lynchburg on July 11.  

We may have to adapt to changing circumstances. But we need to start with our best option, then adjust to less desirable as needed, not start with the least desirable course of action, and stay there. We are all adults and we can make our own decisions regarding the process for choosing our next Chairman.  

The SCC will make decisions on Saturday, June 27. Please contact your SCC representatives and let them know that you want a traditional Convention. Here is the SCC website listing the members of the State Central Committee and their contact info:  

And, if you want to know more about my positions, please go to:  

Virginia needs the GOP to be Grand again. This is how we will start it.  

Mike Schoelwer
Chairman, Lancaster County Republican Party
Candidate, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia

Mike Schoelwer for RPV Chair
Emailed to Delegates on June 24, 2020

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