Mark Daniel voices his concerns about the RPV State Convention to Jack Wilson

Why is there a lack of transparency?

Dear RPV State Delegate,

I am forwarding an email to our RPV Chair from Mark Daniels, who is the New Kent County Republican Committee Chairman and a member of our State Central Committee.

I watched Mark at the State Central meeting on Saturday, held via Zoom, as he tried to ask the questions about RPV finances and RPV contracts that his Committee members were asking. However, despite signaling electronically that he wanted the floor, our Chairman did not recognize Mark and adjourned the meeting before Mark – or anyone else – could ask these difficult, but important questions.

Since our Chairman once again dodge the issue on Convention finances, Mark asked me to forward them to the RPV membership via my channels, in hopes that we will eventually get answers. I agreed without reservation because I, too, think that he raises important issues that need to be addressed.

Mike Schoelwer
Chairman, Lancaster County Republican Committee
Candidate for RPV Chairman

Dear Chairman Wilson,

With the issue of how to proceed regarding the election of our leadership, and the many rumors that abound, not to mention the offered recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee, I write to ask that as members of the State Central Committee, if we could be given a report of the following;

  1. An accounting of what has been collected, and more importantly spent to date, with regards to a State Convention.
  2. Who, or more importantly what, is Stratpoli? What is their role and involvement in our process of election?
  3. Are members of our leadership involved in the entity ”Stratpoli”, and does their involvement clearly represent a conflict of interest in the event of a disagreement?
  4. Were official candidates allowed to merely even witness (not participate, but witness) the discussions and deliberations of the Ad Hoc Committee?
  5. Were members of “Stratpoli” allowed to witness, manipulate, or participate, in the deliberations of the Ad Hoc Committee?
  6. Will a party plan amendment, be offered to create a separate tribunal, a “Stratpoli” to officiate in the event of future elections of the State Central Committee to replace the responsibilities set forth in the Party Plan of the State Central Committee?
  7. If the State Central Committee allows a separate entity to assume the role of arbitrator and policy maker for our Party, will this require a redefinition of our Party Plan and role of the SCC.

Asking you to consider that people’s perception is their reality. I hope you will find the above questions important enough to address at the beginning of the next meeting of State Central Committee.

We all have much admiration and respect for the Ad Hoc Committee members and their work. However, you potentially do them a great disservice not to explain that the process included involvement of paid consultants of whom loyalties and contractual duties have not been disclosed to the members of the State Central Committee.

Thank you,
Mark Daniel
State Central Committee

Mike Schoelwer for RPV Chair
Emailed to Delegates July 1, 2020