When will we take a stand? We ARE the Republican Party of Virginia

It’s time for RPV to stand up against Governor Northam

Dear State Delegate to the RPV State Convention,

Our State Central Committee decided on Saturday that our State Convention would be an unassembled Convention on August 15, with voting at various locations around the state. One aspect of the debate really highlighted to me why we are losing our State: many of the arguments against a traditional Convention centered around the fears of many State Central members. They did not want to provoke Governor Northam, they did not want to give protesters a target, they did not want to pay for a lawsuit asserting our rights…

I have news for these folks: you are not avoiding conflict, you are just moving us down a little lower on the Left’s menu. For my part, I say that we need to draw that line in the sand. I want to confront our Governor. I want him to try to suppress our legitimate, peaceful political activity while he condones lawless rioters in the streets of Richmond. I want the whole world to see him send out the police to suppress his political opposition. I want to confront him and our out-of-control Attorney General in Federal court to shove the Bill of Rights at him and make sure that they get it that it’s not a “Bill of Suggestions”. And, I have no idea why we shirk from this fight.

Some State Central members are worried about the cost of taking the Governor to court to insist on our rights. I ask, what is the cost of not defending our rights? What is the cost of not insisting on the rule of law and protection of our hard-fought freedoms? If the RPV is worried about money, I guarantee you that us choosing (finally) to make a stand against an abusive Governor will elicit cheers – and donations – from like-minded patriots around the country. Instead, we took counsel from our fears and slunk away to quiet resistance behind closed doors. Its no wonder that the Democrats are not concerned about us.

If I am elected Chairman of the RPV, I will lead the RPV in a campaign of full-throated defense of our rights. I will call out the Governor on his failure to protect low-income communities from the mayhem in Richmond, his tax increases in the midst of our economic crisis, his assaults on our Second Amendment rights and the lives of the unborn, and his sanctioning of voter fraud. I will also put forward our programs of proven economic prosperity, of jobs, of kids growing up with dads, and of protection of innocent unborn lives. We must speak out so that our Republicans know we are here and that Democrats learn that they cannot ignore us.

I am fed up with us worrying about the Democrats. I want them to be lying awake at night worrying about us. I ask for your vote to be Chairman of the RPV. We are the GOP – the Grand Old Party. Virginia needs us to be Grand again and, with your vote, I will lead us in making it so.

Mike Schoelwer
Chairman, Lancaster County Republican Committee
Candidate for RPV Chairman

Mike Schoelwer for RPV Chair
Emailed to Delegates July 1, 2020