Rich Anderson is elected RPV Chair – Let’s all reach out to support him

Mike Schoelwer’s Newsletter
August 16, 2020

My Fellow Republicans,

Congratulations to Rich Anderson on being elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. I look forward to supporting him in whatever capacity I can.

Yesterday’s election results showed clearly that the base of the RPV is fired up, engaged, and seeking change. They want an RPV based on conservative values and principles. We saw hints of that in many District Conventions, as they elected activist leaders dedicated to RPV unity and conservative ideals. But, it was conclusively demonstrated yesterday, when an overwhelming majority of the delegates voted for either me or Rich, both of us ran on such a platform.

Our immediate task is to unify the RPV behind Rich’s leadership. All of the members of my team and I are committed to Rich’s success. To us, success is not about whether we as individuals win elections. Rather, success is when the RPV wins elections. With Rich, we are convinced that we can make that happen. Now, let’s go carry Virginia for President Trump in November. Our opponents are very competent, and they are committed and energized. We can win, but we need to bring our “A’” game to this fight.

Mike Schoelwer

Link to the RPV Website – Convention Results

Running a statewide campaign for RPV Chair takes money. This is true for all of us that were on yesterday’s ballot. All the candidates spent money to inform State Delegates of the issues. All would appreciate any help you might give them. The link to Mike’s donation site is below.