Schoelwer supports reducing the size of the SCC, says if you want more of the same, vote for more of the same

Why I Support Amendment 1 on the RPV Ballot

Dear Delegates to the RPV State Convention,

If this is the first time you have opened one of my newsletters, my name is Mike Schoelwer and I am running for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). I am the Chair of the Lancaster GOP Unit, have been involved in RPV’s 1st Congressional District Committee activities for several years, am a retired Marine officer and worked as a senior level intelligence officer. I have extensive senior level leadership and management experience with large complex organizations, and have served my country in numerous overseas assignments.

In past newsletters, speaking at forums and speaking at GOP unit meetings, I have said that I am going to ask our State Central Committee (SCC) to review its structure. Heretofore, I have not supported the Republican Change Committee’s (RCC) proposal to reduce the size/vote of the SCC from its present 78 members to 54.

Over the last several months, I have given the RCC Grassroots Empowerment Reform much thought as I have campaigned for Chair. I have now decided to support this amendment. We need new leadership, and if you elect me as your Chairman, you and I are going to need a focused governing body (SCC) directly elected by you, to speak for you. That makes sense to me. The other two RPV Chair candidates, Rich Anderson and Jack Wilson have both said they do not support this change.

Why I now support this change to the SCC.

The RCC Amendment (Amendment 1) will eliminate 24 positions (votes) that are not elected by you the grassroots from the local GOP Units, but rather by the hierarchy of the SCC. The RCC Amendment makes the SCC more responsive to the local committees where the real work of electing candidates is done. if Amendment 1 passes, 89% of the SCC will be elected grassroots members.

There has been much rhetoric over the affiliate groups (Republican Women, Young Republicans and College Republicans (VFRW, YRs, and CRs)) that the RCC Amendment reduces each Federation by one person, from 3 to 2. But when one looks closer at what this reduction does to the affiliate groups voting strength, the answer is nothing. There are those that would have you believe the RCC Amendment harms these critically important affiliated groups, it does not. Their vote strength remains the same. I think a smaller SCC, with members that are put in place by the grassroots, is a move in the right direction and is why I now give it my support.

There are three other amendments on the State Convention ballot, placed there by the “Grow Our Party” group. Amendment 3 would increase each of the affiliate groups representation by one vote each from 3 to 4, and raise the SCC membership to 81. I do not support this; it is growing the SCC, it is not growing our Party.

So, in closing, I support the RCC Amendment 1 that reduces the size of the SCC from 78 to 54, and I also support Amendment 4 on ethics. Further, I think a review of how the SCC operates is long overdue. They, like the RPV Chair, must share accountability for the outcomes we have seen over the last several years. For the first time since 1994, the November 2019 election gave both Virginia houses to the Democrats, and we have not had a Republican Governor since 2014. If you are satisfied with the RPV leadership, then you should vote for more of the same. I am not satisfied with it, and I think with your support we can get Virginia back on track.

Mike Schoelwer
Chairman, Lancaster County Republican Party
Candidate, Chairman of the RPV

RPV State Conventions – Polling Locations
Note this list is as of Aug 6, 2020 and is subject to change
Click here to go to the RPV website for future changes to convention locations

Delegates may cast ballots only at the polling location in which the unit they represent is listed (All delegates from a particular unit vote at the same polling location; Congressional Districts are listed for convenience; split units will vote in the District in which they have the highest Republican Party Voting Strength unless the unit requested a different polling place; please use the chart to verify your polling location)

  1. Meadow Event Park, 13191 Dawn Blvd, Doswell VA 23047 (CD 1)
  2. Law Enforcement Training Center, 411 Integrity Way, Virginia Beach VA 23451 (CD 2)
  3. Windsor Town Center, 23361 Courthouse Highway, Windsor VA 23487 (CD 3, CD 4)
  4. Tree of Life Ministries, 2812 Greenview Dr, Lynchburg VA 24502 (CD 5, Zones 2 and 3)
  5. Madison County High School, 68 Mountaineer Ln, Madison VA 22727 (CD 5, Zone 1)
  6. Augusta County Government Center, 18 Government Center Dr, Verona VA 24482 (CD 6 North)
  7. Salem Civic Center, 1001 Roanoke Blvd, Salem VA 24153 (CD 6 South)
  8. Atlas 42, 4032 Cox Rd Ste A, Glen Allen VA 23060 (CD 7)
  9. National Right to Work Building parking lot, 8001 Braddock Road, Springfield, VA 22151 (CD 11)
  10. Wytheville Meeting Center, 333 Community Blvd, Wytheville VA 24382 (CD 9)
  11. EIT, 309 Kelly’s Ford Plaza SE, Leesburg VA 20175 (CD 10)
  12. The Coal Yard, 205 S Henry St, Alexandria VA 22314 (CD 8)

Again, these locations are subject to change, please continue to check the RPV website for updates

You will find other information there too, such as the RPV Convention Call, The RPV Convention Rules, and the RPV Ballot.

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