The RPV Chairman’s Campaign turns ugly – I will not participate. I am Mike Schoelwer candidate for RPV Chair

The RPV Chairman’s Campaign turns ugly. I condemn this tactic and I will not participate. I am Mike Schoelwer candidate for RPV Chair

Dear Delegates to the RPV State Convention,

A few years back, a member of the General Assembly was complaining about his opponent going dirty. When a fellow delegate asked him, what are they doing that is dirty, he responded, “they are making me run on my record.” This is a true story.

Holding someone responsible for their record is entirely reasonable. But fabrications and lies are tactics that are unforgivable, and we should all call “foul” when we see it. The first giveaway that the message sent via text, or even phone or email, is bogus, is if it is sent anonymously. The second indicator is if it seems to you to be extremely hard to believe, it probably should not be believed.

I would hope that our internal competition for Chair and National Committee Woman would be based on issues and ideas on ways to improve campaigning for our candidates. 

Recently this has not been the case as ugly accusations are being texted out to delegates. And I fear it will get worse as we close on the 15th of August.

These antics are exactly what I will work to purge from the RPV. They are the work of self-centered losers – and it is time for them to go. Those that call themselves Republicans, and use dirty and underhanded tactics to sway delegates, exemplify why we need to change the status quo in the RPV. 

There is way too much internal garbage that goes on, and it does nothing but hurt our ability to campaign and elect our Republican candidates.

As your Chair, I will follow Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Don’t criticize other Republicans.” I will highlight my differences from other candidates, and what I see as the issues, and what corrections I will make. But I will not smear other Republicans, and I reject those who make un-attributed hitjobs and lack the courage to own their convictions. 

I hope you as a delegate, regardless of who you support on August 15th, will join me in denouncing dirty campaigning tactics as we elect our RPV Chair on the 15th of August.

Mike Schoelwer
Chairman, Lancaster County Republican Party
Candidate, Chairman of the RPV

The Grassroots Ticket
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RPV State Conventions – Polling Locations

Note this list is as of Aug 7, 2020, RPV website, however we have heard from the 6th CD on changes and have posted what is on the 6th CD’s website below the RPV posted schedule.

Delegates may cast ballots only at the polling location in which the unit they represent is listed (All delegates from a particular unit vote at the same polling location; Congressional Districts are listed for convenience; split units will vote in the District in which they have the highest Republican Party Voting Strength unless the unit requested a different polling place; please use the chart to verify your polling location)

  1. Meadow Event Park, 13191 Dawn Blvd, Doswell VA 23047 (CD 1)
  2. Law Enforcement Training Center, 411 Integrity Way, Virginia Beach VA 23451 (CD 2)
  3. Windsor Town Center, 23361 Courthouse Highway, Windsor VA 23487 (CD 3, CD 4)
  4. Tree of Life Ministries, 2812 Greenview Dr, Lynchburg VA 24502 (CD 5, Zones 2 and 3)
  5. Madison County High School, 68 Mountaineer Ln, Madison VA 22727 (CD 5, Zone 1)
  6. Augusta County Government Center, 18 Government Center Dr, Verona VA 24482 (CD 6 North) see below
  7. Salem Civic Center, 1001 Roanoke Blvd, Salem VA 24153 (CD 6 South) see below
  8. Atlas 42, 4032 Cox Rd Ste A, Glen Allen VA 23060 (CD 7)
  9. National Right to Work Building parking lot, 8001 Braddock Road, Springfield, VA 22151 (CD 11)
  10. Wytheville Meeting Center, 333 Community Blvd, Wytheville VA 24382 (CD 9)
  11. EIT, 309 Kelly’s Ford Plaza SE, Leesburg VA 20175 (CD 10)
  12. The Coal Yard, 205 S Henry St, Alexandria VA 22314 (CD 8)

Update on the 6th District RPV Voting Locations
Click here for the 6th CD website

Balloting will be open from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, August 15th

  • Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Botetourt and RARC state delegates will vote at the 9th District sponsored event at the Salem Civic Center, Salem, Virginia. Dan Webb is our 6th District POC.
  • Lynchburg City, Bedford County, and Amherst will vote at the 5th District sponsored event at the Tree of Life, Campbell County. Betty Gibbs is our POC.
  • The rest of the district Augusta County and north will vote at the Augusta County Government Center, in Verona, VA. Anne Fitzgerald is our POC.

All locations will offer drive-through and WALK-UP balloting. Delegates who choose Walk-Up balloting, will park, leave their cars, and walk into a shaded area to receive and cast their ballots. We will have accommodations for those who for health reasons prefer to remain in their cars to vote.

Again, these locations are subject to change, please continue to check the RPV website for updates

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