Why is Mike Schoelwer the best choice for RPV Chair, more updates on the RPV Convention

What I stand for and what I will do as RPV Chair
You have a choice on August 15th

Dear Delegates to the RPV State Convention,

By now you are being flooded with emails, newsletters, and mailers from the candidates for RPV Chair. With a week to go, I thought a list of where I stand and what I will do if elected Chair is in order.

  1. The RPV needs to change, it needs new leadership at the top, an energetic and competent Executive Director, and a supporting State Central Committee (SCC) that is action oriented.
  2. I support Amendment 1, which I think will make the SCC more efficient and responsive to the needs of our 126 units. In supporting this amendment, I do not want to diminish the role and contributions made by the three affiliate groups, the women, young and college Republicans. Amendment 1 retains their voting strength in the 54 (down from 78) member SCC. Under Amendment 1, 89% of the SCC membership will be elected by our units.
  3. We need to modernize the RPV by re-building its network with our local committees, running good candidates in races up and down the ballot, engaging in civil discourse, and stabilizing our finances. I will initiate a major effort to look at each Virginia House of Delegates seat with an effort to win back the majority in the House in 2021. My immediate priority will be re-electing President Trump and electing Daniel Gade to the Senate, and electing our Republican Congressional candidates.
  4. I will be active publicly – taking a leadership role in vehemently opposing the outrages perpetrated against us by the Democrat administration and pointing out Republican solutions that will solve problems.
  5. Northern Virginia (NoVA) is not a lost cause. We can make major inroads, and this will be one of my highest priorities. I will ask our SCC, in coordination with the local units and the affiliate groups, to produce a plan that uses our Republican values to bring voters into our party. Our target audiences live in communities that cross county lines, so we must organize our effort to mirror our target audience, rather than the political boundaries.
  6. I will start a robust media campaign to defend our values, our President, and our programs. The pedigree of our Republican values runs through Ronald Reagan to Teddy Roosevelt to Abraham Lincoln. We know that many voters, to include democrats, value our Constitution, the rule of law and are outraged over what is going on in this Country. We need to seize on the opportunity that has presented itself over the last few months, where Democrats have stood by while minority businesses are looted and burned. Our Republican values are rock solid, and we need to use them, campaign with them, and advocate for them.
  7. We will start a Marshall Plan-like effort to run candidates in every possible race from city and county-level on up, and to contact all like-minded but undecided or heretofore non-participating voters. City and county positions are the entry level for most elected officials. It is where we learn how to run an election. These positions form our pool of experienced candidates for higher-level office.
  8. RPV must recognize that all the essential work in winning elections is done by local committees, I will shift the RPV Headquarters from its administrative structure to an operational organization focused on helping local committees conduct their work.
  9. Our leadership currently believes that it is a waste of money to run candidates in elections that Republicans are not likely to win, which is why we didn’t run candidates in 27 Legislative districts and 10 State Senate races last year. That argument may make sense for a PAC manager. However, it makes no sense for the RPV. First, not having Republican candidates in 27 districts meant we left about 250,000-300,000 Republican votes on the table. In effect, we dis-enfranchised huge swaths of Virginia Republicans. If we had had those votes in 2017, Ed Gillespie would be governor right now. One level deeper, those 27 Legislative Districts represent about 40-45 counties in which we did not run candidates for county or city level office. In effect, we are drying up the pool of future State-level Republican candidates.

The choice before you is whether we continue doing what we have been doing, or do we turn RPV around with new leadership, new ideas, new energy. For my part, I am firmly convinced that we cannot continue what we are doing, and change is essential. I am ready, able, and motivated to lead the RPV back to winning. Like you I am tired of losing.

Mike Schoelwer
Chairman, Lancaster County Republican Party
Candidate, Chairman of the RPV

The Grassroots Ticket
Your Sample Ballot

Click here for a copy of the Grassroots Ticket Ballot

RPV State Conventions – Polling Locations

Note this list is as of Aug 7, 2020, RPV website, however we have heard from the 6th CD on changes and have posted what is on the 6th CD’s website below the RPV posted schedule.

Delegates may cast ballots only at the polling location in which the unit they represent is listed (All delegates from a particular unit vote at the same polling location; Congressional Districts are listed for convenience; split units will vote in the District in which they have the highest Republican Party Voting Strength unless the unit requested a different polling place; please use the chart to verify your polling location)

  1. Meadow Event Park, 13191 Dawn Blvd, Doswell VA 23047 (CD 1)
  2. Law Enforcement Training Center, 411 Integrity Way, Virginia Beach VA 23451 (CD 2)
  3. Windsor Town Center, 23361 Courthouse Highway, Windsor VA 23487 (CD 3, CD 4)
  4. Tree of Life Ministries, 2812 Greenview Dr, Lynchburg VA 24502 (CD 5, Zones 2 and 3)
  5. Madison County High School, 68 Mountaineer Ln, Madison VA 22727 (CD 5, Zone 1)
  6. Augusta County Government Center, 18 Government Center Dr, Verona VA 24482 (CD 6 North) see below
  7. Salem Civic Center, 1001 Roanoke Blvd, Salem VA 24153 (CD 6 South) see below
  8. Atlas 42, 4032 Cox Rd Ste A, Glen Allen VA 23060 (CD 7)
  9. National Right to Work Building parking lot, 8001 Braddock Road, Springfield, VA 22151 (CD 11)
  10. Wytheville Meeting Center, 333 Community Blvd, Wytheville VA 24382 (CD 9)
  11. EIT, 309 Kelly’s Ford Plaza SE, Leesburg VA 20175 (CD 10)
  12. The Coal Yard, 205 S Henry St, Alexandria VA 22314 (CD 8)

Update on the 6th District RPV Voting Locations
Click here for the 6th CD website

Balloting will be open from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, August 15th

  • Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Botetourt and RARC state delegates will vote at the 9th District sponsored event at the Salem Civic Center, Salem, Virginia. Dan Webb is our 6th District POC.
  • Lynchburg City, Bedford County, and Amherst will vote at the 5th District sponsored event at the Tree of Life, Campbell County. Betty Gibbs is our POC.
  • The rest of the district Augusta County and north will vote at the Augusta County Government Center, in Verona, VA. Anne Fitzgerald is our POC.

All locations will offer drive-through and WALK-UP balloting. Delegates who choose Walk-Up balloting, will park, leave their cars, and walk into a shaded area to receive and cast their ballots. We will have accommodations for those who for health reasons prefer to remain in their cars to vote.

Again, these locations are subject to change, please continue to check the RPV website for updates

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