Meet Mike Schoelwer

The Republican party of Virginia needs a Chairman who will work for the GOP county and city units and to represent the base of Virginia Republicans to the outside organizations, not a person who will represent lobbyists or the Legislature inside the Republican Party.

Mike is such a person. He has been a GOP unit chairman for 3 years and led his unit in supporting President Trump’s 2016 election campaign, Senate campaigns, State Senate and House of Delegate campaigns, and campaigns for county constitutional officers.

Mike has also dealt with the consequences of GOP candidates engaging units only during a two-month election campaign, units collecting voter contact data for campaigns then losing it at the end of the campaign due to a lack of any voter database system for Republican units statewide, and compensating for an Republican leadership out of touch with local Republican units.

Innovation requires an idea, a plan of action, and the executive skill to implement the plan. Mike has the idea; start winning elections again by centering the Republican Party of Virginia’s efforts on supporting local units and their candidates. His plan is to focus the state party’s resources on helping local Republican committees recruit good candidates, recruit new voters in under-represented communities, and mentor and assist candidates in their races.

Mike also has 39 years of operational and executive experience in the U.S. Marine Corps and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He has served in and led large units in those organizations as they performed tasks critical to the security of the U.S. and as they themselves had to adapt to changing environments from Vietnam to the Cold War to the War on Terror. Mike is ready to apply these skills to revitalize the Republican Party of Virginia, swing Virginia for President Trump in November, and regain control of the Virginia government in 2021.

Mike Schoelwer’s Bio

My initial professional years were in the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC); 13 years of active duty, followed by 13 in the reserves. As a young Marine, I had the good fortune to be mentored by decorated combat-veterans of Iwo Jima (WW-II), Inchon (Korea) as well as Khe Sanh and Hue City (Vietnam). From them, I internalized the lessons that the mission has to be accomplished, regardless of personal cost to me, but that no one gets
left behind. I also learned a keen sense of integrity; always do the right thing even when no one is watching.
I left active duty in the Marine Corps to join the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations (DO). While in the DO, I was responsible for “GSD” (Getting Stuff Done).
I had to do it in some pretty harsh environments, including 3 war zone tours and multiple conflict zone assignments. In my last 11 years, I was in charge of “GSD”. I learned how to set goals and accomplish tasks in ambiguous, confused, and occasionally dangerous situations. I also learned how to manage large, multi-level organizations spread over large geographic areas, handle large budgets, how to organize coalitions of
disparate but like-minded groups, and how to resolve disputes inside an organization.

I retired from the CIA in 2014. My wife and I settled here in Lancaster County and I joined the local GOP unit. Two years later, I was asked to replace a Chairman who resigned due to personal reasons. I have been re-elected once since then. During that time, I’ve supported two Senate Campaigns, one Gubernatorial, one Presidential, and multiple State Senate and Delegate races. I learned first-hand the challenges that our units face and what it is needed to support a standing RPV county-level committee –
quite different than running a 2 or 3-month election campaign followed by two years of inactivity.

In the News

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Clubs and Associations
President, Northern Neck Chapter, Military Officers’ Association of America
Member, Airplane Pilots and Owners Association
Member, Sons of the American Revolution
Member, Rotary International
Member, Marine Corps League
Member, National Rifle Association
Member, Virginia Citizens Defense League