I am not soliciting endorsements from high elected officials because I don’t think elected officials outside the RPV should be influencing who is our Chairman. I welcome the chance to work with elected Republicans – and we should – but I want to end the club-like insider favoring status quo-protecting atmosphere that this traditional political tactic perpetuates. I will speak for the RPV only, I won’t be the voice of others to the RPV. We elect them, not vice versa. That said, I welcome endorsements from RPV members.

Matt Truong Endorsement

Virginia is in desperate times right now. Virginia needs the RPV right now, and the RPV needs a strong, forward-thinking Chairman. I am convinced that Mike is that person and will be the Chairman who leads the RPV back to winning… and relevance. ……. Read more here.

Roseanne Reddin Endorsement

I would like to tell you that I find your platform and experience are exactly what I am looking for in a Chairman. You are what our state leadership needs at this very difficult time in our country’s history. Therefore, please accept my endorsement of you for the position of RPV Chairman. …. Read more here

Chuck Smith, Chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Committee

Mike has my unequivocal support for Chairman of the RPV. He is a conservative, Trump-supporting Republican who will modernize and expand the RPV and allow us to compete in modern Virginia. He is the best way forward for the RPV. He is definitely not just “more of the same”. I urge all of my Republican friends and supporters to vote for him. I am convinced that Mike will fight with all of his skills and lead the RPV back to its winning ways. Virginia needs us right now, and Mike will get us back to where we need to be…. Read more here.

STAND President Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr.

Email from E.W. Jackson to the State GOP Convention Delegates – August 13, 2020

Dear Delegate,

With only a short time left before we vote, I wanted to reiterate my support for Michael Shoelwer to be the next Chairman of RPV. I have nothing against the other two candidates. In fact, one of them will be my second choice, and whoever wins will have my full support. However, at this critical moment in the Commonwealth’s history … Read more here.

Michael Schoelwer has the background, the experience, the leadership and the energy to turn the downward trend of defeat in Virginia’s Republican Party into upward trajectory toward victory. I am 100% behind him and urge every delegate not only to give Mike a chance, but to give our Party a chance to turn this situation round. He is the standout candidate and the best hope we have. Let’s make the most of this opportunity by electing Mike as Chairman of RPV. … Read more here.

Mark Daniel of Virginia Freedom Caucus

Mike not only proposed that we not accept the country club atmosphere of the SCC, complacent even today, with ensuring that nothing changes, but that we take action. … Read more here

Fred Gruber, Louisa County GOP, in The Central Virginian

… I urge you to become a delegate to the Republican State Convention on May 1-2 [later changed to Aug. 15] and to vote for Michael Schoelwer….. Read more here