Key issues


We welcome legal immigrants, but we can only enforce this with borders we control and robust immigration agencies.

We must also encourage immigrants to accept American values. I believe we can do this without disparaging or disrespecting their native culture.

We must move to merit-based immigration, while stopping chain immigration and eliminating “birth tourism”.
We must also stop the “Sanctuary City” movement, which risks the safety of citizens and undercuts Federal law.

The Second Amendment

The Democrats’ current policy of gutting the Second Amendment rights will only help criminals and make law-abiding citizens vulnerable to violent crime.

The Second Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on a person’s inherent right of self-defense. It must be respected.

Legal gun ownership does not lead to illegal gun use.

Limiting legal gun ownership does not reduce violent crime.

What is working is sending violent felons to jail for long periods of time, open carry laws, concealed carry laws, and “Castle” laws, and prohibiting gun possession by those guilty of domestic violence. These need to be reinforced. Too, we must fully enforce laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and fully prosecute those who falsify information to acquire guns.

Family Values

Our culture is suffering due to the secularization of our country and distortions of our history. We see this in the decline of family values: lack of respect for unborn life, decline of the two-parent family, unethical treatment of women, falling participation in religious life and apathy towards American values. In particular, abortion stains our generation.

We must oppose abortion in every form and in every venue, re-emphasize the nuclear family, find ways to re-integrate fathers into all families and resist those who would use government coercion to drive religion – and ethics – from our national character.

The Budget – Fiscal Responsibility

No government has ever taxed and spent its way to prosperity. Citizens prosper only when the private sector creates more wealth. The Democrat’s current plans to raise taxes will suck the working capital from the economy and cut our prosperity.

Medicaid expansion is a particularly egregious example of run-away government spending.

These unnecessary programs and their associated tax increases must be curtailed. As Republicans, our creed states that fiscal responsibility at all levels of government is among our core-beliefs.