Mike Schoelwer’s Plan

If elected Chairman, I will do three things.
First, I will start a robust media campaign to defend our values, our President, and our programs. The pedigree of our Republican values runs though Ronald Reagan to
Teddy Roosevelt to Abraham Lincoln and directly back to Washington, Madison, and Hamilton. We demand respect for the values articulated in the Declaration of Independence and institutionalized in the Constitution. Our programs rely on church, home, and capitalism – the pillars that have brought prosperity and safety to our nation and the Commonwealth. There is nothing wrong with those values, but we need to preach what we practice.
Second, I will start a Marshall Plan-like effort to run candidates in every possible race from city and county-level on up and to contact all like-minded, but undecided or heretofore non-participating voters. City and county positions critical for several reasons. First, they are the entry level for most elected officials. It is where one learns how to run an election. Secondly, city and county elected officials form our pool of experienced candidates for higher-level office. Without that pool, we are challenged to find viable candidates for State-wide office when openings occur. Third, recruiting new, good candidates leads to contacting heretofore unserved groups of potential Republican voters and RPV activists. Ultimately, each line of activity reinforces the others.
Third, recognizing that all of the essential work in winning elections is done by our local committees, I will shift the RPV Headquarters from its administrative structure to an operational organization focused on helping local committees conduct their work.
Specific functions that I want at the RPV Hqs are the ability to help local units identify potential candidates, identify potential new groups of voters, amass voter and activists contact information, produce social media text and video messages, and raise money.