• I will modernize the RPV by re-building its network with our local committees, running good candidates in all races up and down the ballot, engaging in the civil discourse, and stabilizing our finances.
  • I will expand the RPV by reaching out to those tens of thousands of Virginians who share our values but suffer under the tyranny of a Governor and a legislature gone wild.
  • I will be active publicly – taking a leadership role in vehemently opposing the outrages perpetrated against us by our Democrat administration and pointing out Republican solutions that will solve problems.
  • I will do this so that the RPV will have impact, we will start winning elections again, and we can keep Virginia safe, free, and prosperous!

I am completely optimistic that we can do all of these things. A lot of the elements are in place. However, the RPV leadership must create the conditions so that the grassroots can succeed.
As Chairman, I will do this.

I will use my professional experience to modernize, expand, and energize the RPV.

Mike Schoelwer