Rosanne Reddin Endorsement

Sat, Aug 8, 2020

To Mike Schoelwer,

I am a Delegate to the RPV convention next week.  After  hearing the campaign speeches and debates, and reading informational  emails from the three candidates for Chairman of the RPV, I would like to tell you that I find your platform and experience are exactly what I am looking for in a Chairman.  You are what our state leadership needs at this very difficult time in our country’s history. Therefore, please accept my endorsement of you for the position of RPV Chairman.

I may not be a ‘big wig’, nor do I have a ‘titled’  position but : I  adhere to the Republican Creed  (NOT a R.I.N.O.); believe in the  Constitution; support and defend my country.  I am a grassroots, loyal, active Conservative Republican who loves her country and state and President. Like many other citizens , I am tremendously dismayed and fearful for our future when  considering the current political atmosphere in both our country and state…and the world!  (I have lived a wonderful life as an American citizen.  I have traveled extensively in the world (80+ countries) and have observed and taught in countries that had socialist ‘governments.’   I was always elated and thankful when I returned to my country after each and every ‘adventure’.  There is no place  ( like HOME) in the world like our America, the beautiful!   

I believe that the strong leadership and talents that you would provide as Chair of our state’s RPV as well as  the support you will provide for  candidates running for election will be a great achievement for  all of us.

Thank you for offering your time and talents as a candidate for this office.  I wish you the best of ‘luck’ at the convention.  Hopefully others are thinking the same way that I am.

Sincerely and Patriotically,
Rosanne Reddin
Williamsburg, Virginia 23188